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DOLCE woodwind mouthpieces are the result of meeting the international clarinetist and mouthpiece master Jerry Hall. Jerry was truly an inspiration to be around, and his mouthpiece finishing abilities were phenomenal to witness in action. Unfortunately, Jerry passed away too soon. I assumed DOLCE mouthpieces would become history, but I remembered Jerry talking about Jim Green and the J.J. Babbitt Company in Elkhart Indiana.

Dolce Woodwind Mouthpieces

Fortunately, I kept one sample of each mouthpiece that Jerry had made for me, and his secret measurements of the B-flat clarinet mouthpiece he was so famous for. I got in touch with Jim Green at the J.J. Babbitt Company to see if he knew someone like Jerry who would work with me. At this time I thought the J.J. Babbitt Company only made mouthpiece blanks for people like Jerry. To my delight Jim told me they would love to continue to make the DOLCE line of woodwind mouthpieces. I was surprised to learn that, not only did the J.J. Babbitt Company manufacture 300,000 mouthpieces annually, but they own & make many of the popular mouthpiece brands available today. For example: Otto Link, Guy Hawkins, Hite & Meyer to name a few. Not a bad list of names, you have to admit!

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